The Voice Will Be Greatly Missed …

Eleven years ago I was at 272 Main Street in Torrington, cooking rotisserie chickens out of a little hole in the wall called Driscoll’s Rotisserie Chicken. I met a nice guy named Jedd Gould, who was starting a local paper called The Torrington Voice. I would read about Jedd’s new concept of a newspaper written by its readers while listening to Dan Lovallo and his Talk of the Town program on WSNG. Dan provided a forum where any tom, dick or harry could call up and voice his or her concerns regarding the issues of the day. That show helped people be elected, and may have kept others from being elected! Continue reading

The Voice — A Distinctive Treasure

It was with a deep sense of loss that I learned that this week would see the last issue of The Voice. It was always a pleasure to tell friends and colleagues across the country of this marvelous, free reader-written newspaper, which first appeared on April 15, 1992. Across the board their reaction was “what a wonderful idea!” My sister, Laura, a professor of anthropology at the University of California-Berkeley, uses the letters of The Voice in her class on Controlling Processes, to the benefit of her students. Continue reading


The Voice provides an open forum for all area citizens, and accepts submissions from all individuals, groups and organizations. All submissions are welcome, but The Voice particularly encourages, and will publish in as expeditious a manner as possible, notices of upcoming events, and articles, letters, photographs and artwork which are focused on current local political issues, local economic and legal matters, social and cultural trends, and local history. Continue reading