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Winsted July 12, 2002  RSS feed

Hinsdale School Annual Awards

Hinsdale School Annual Awards

The Hinsdale School in Winsted held its Annual Awards Assembly on June 14. The following students were honored.

The President’s Award for Educational Excellence is given nationwide to students at the exit grade of each school. At Hinsdale, the fifth graders who achieved the 85th percentile and above were Kaleb Abalan, Peter Atwood, Lexi Baril, Benjamin Brewer, Anthony Cilenti, Anthony Decato, Jessica Kelley, Joshua Louis, Kaitlyn Porter, Kristen Riedel, Danielle Sabo, Amethyst Steele, and Talon Zimmerman.

The President’s Award for Educational Achievement recognizes students who scored between the 80th and 84th percentile. James Becher, Kayci Bessette, Serena Caruso, Chelsea Conterno, Isamar Dirocie, Katurah Hall, Nichole Hughes, Elise Jack, Dorota Koska, Jamie LaCasse, Nicholas Lafferty, Hope Miles, Rachel Novak, Natasha Owens, Nicole Putnoki, Kaylee Resha, Andrew Rodriguez, Nadya Roys, Jessica Toomey, and Cassandra Wightwood received this award.

Batcheller Prizes were awarded to three boys and three girls in grades four and five in each of five categories—Spelling, English, Social Studies, Science, and Mathematics—with cash awards given from the William Batcheller Trust Fund.

Fourth grade Spelling prizes were awarded to Kevin Roux, Nicole Collins, Paige Whiting, Nicholas St. Sauveur, Justin Bergman, and Rachel Orie. English prizes were awarded to Myria Luty, Davis Cappabianca, Justin Clark, Courtney Toomey, Jennifer Bardino, and Zachary Cables. Social Studies prizes were awarded to Justin Clark, Ashlee Lord, Taylor Beaton, John Coon, Corey Casey, and Kate Roys. Science prizes were awarded to Michelle Chase, Ethan Caldwell, Kevin Roux, Nichole Mangione, Amanda Honeycutt, and Joseph Bessette. Mathematics prizes were awarded to Corey Casey, Mariah Neal, Victoria Wollschlager, Adam Lagassie, Bryant Silverio, and Caroline Hayward.

Fifth grade Spelling prizes were awarded to Kaitlyn Porter, Benjamin Brewer, Tyler Patnode, Mindy Finer, Brittany Onion, and Anthony Cilenti. English prizes were awarded to Joshua Louis, Kristen Riedel, Callie White, David Hull, Mark Gillis, and Kendra Beneke. Social Studies prizes were awarded to Jessica Kelley, Kaleb Abalan, Cody Stone, Rachel Novak, Jenna Lindemayer, and Michael McCurdy. Science prizes were awarded to Anthony Decato, Lexi Baril, Ashley Cilenti, Peter Atwood, Matthew Qua, and Sara Audia. Mathematics prizes were awarded to Danielle Sabo, Talon Zimmerman, Paul Ames, Amethyst Steele, Alicia St. Sauveur, and Thomas Lapp.

The Christina Griffin Aim for Excellence Award is given to one fifth grade student who has attended Hinsdale School for his or her entire school experience. The selection is made by the entire school faculty on the basis of consistent, exemplary achievement in positive attitude, enthusiasm for learning, and genuine concern for others. This year, Kaleb Abalan was honored.